Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage in Ulwe Navi Mumbai

Details - Four Hand Massage

Up high on the list of luxurious massage treatments is a decadent massage—second only to an extravagant facial. But with luxury comes a hefty price tag that often requires some convincing to give into. Let us do the persuading.

it’s all about the four-handed massage! “Think of it as a normal full-body massage times two. What’s that even mean, you ask? The four-handed massages features a synchronized massage by way of two trained therapists. Yes, it’s as relaxing as it sounds. See below for everything you can expect from your first four-handed massage, then get to booking!

You’re more than likely to fall asleep.

The point of any massage is to draw you into your most relaxed state, so falling asleep is totally acceptable and even encouraged